What did Nikki-Dee learn while driving the Short Pump Express?

Posted at 12:06 PM, Nov 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-14 22:16:52-05

SHORT PUMP. Va. -- This was SO much fun! When I arrived at Short Pump Town Center, there were already children in line waiting! They had me a uniform, cute overalls, a hat and bandanna. Before the children got "all aboard" I did a practice drive in a safe area with no people around.

There are a lot of gadgets and buttons on the train and they told me not to touch anything on the right of the steering wheel.

After my practice drive, I put the train in gear and drove into the mall. The children were smiling, waving and ready to go! I meet Mr. Cary Shelton, he is the number one Short Pump Express Train Conductor and has been doing this for five years. He said this was the best job I have ever had.

The train route takes about 10 minutes and Mr. Cary advised I always sound the horn when making a turn or when we're around people.

He also said to honk the horn in front of the Apple store because it's the busiest store and no one looks.

When it was my turn to drive the train, Mr. Cary gave me three rules: Don't hit anyone, don't hit anyone, don't hit anyone.

While it was a lot of fun driving, it is more difficult than it looks because people are so focused on shopping, texting, and talking to friends that they do not pay attention even though a big train is right behind them. I loved seeing the children smile and hear them giggle! It was a lot of fun!