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Perfectionist and her sweet, happy brothers in need of forever home

Posted at 1:00 AM, Nov 04, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. — This sibling group is comprised of three children, two boys and one girl ages 17, 14 and 12. Sharon is the oldest followed by Cody and Christopher.

Sharon is a sweet and loving young lady with a passion for animals. Sharon is just two credits away from being a junior this school year and is working hard to catch up academically. Sharon enjoys video games, playing with animals, and talking. Sharon is a perfectionist, which sometimes takes her off track and delays getting her tasks done. Sharon desires a family that will assist her in continuing to work with her on independent living skills, and to encourage her academically.

Christopher is a sweet and happy young gentleman. Christopher gets along well with other children and adults. While Christopher gets along well with others, it does take time for him to bond with males. Christopher has a healthy appetite, enjoys music, and playing video games. Christopher also enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together. Christopher desires a family who will be patient with him.

Cody is a sweet and happy young gentleman. Cody enjoys joking with his foster family and siblings. He enjoys playing video games and with other electronics. Cody gets along with most everyone, but enjoys being in charge and being the leader. Cody has achieved “A-B” honor roll this school year. Cody also desires a family who will be patient with him.

The children would like stay together; however, if this is not possible, they would like to be able to maintain a relationship with one another.

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