Are we too sensitive? Hour-long ‘Steve Harvey’ show tackles taboo subject

Posted at 12:56 PM, Nov 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-04 12:59:44-05

There’s a four letter word that no one wants to talk about and makes many people very uncomfortable. That word is RACE. In September, Steve Harvey presented an hour long episode diving into the topic “Are We Racist,” with an honest discussion about rising racial tensions and subliminal racism throughout our society. Steve will continue the conversation on this Wednesday’s episode of “Steve Harvey” (November 4) by asking the question, “Are we too sensitive?” when it comes to race.

To encourage conversation and dialogue with his audience members, Steve will declare the “Steve Harvey” stage a “Safe Space,” free of judgment so that people can ask honest questions without the fear of backlash.

All hour, Steve is tackling the race-based questions that people are too uncomfortable to ask – but also making it a point to laugh and see the humor in some of the differences between the races.

Steve has also assembled a very diverse panel to weigh in on some of the latest trending headlines related to race. Joining him will be BAKARI SELLERS (CNN contributor and former SC State Representative), KATIE KIEFFER (author and commentator), CHRIS DISTEFANO (MTV’s “Guy Code”), CRYSTAL WRIGHT (Editor of the blog “Conservative Black Chick”) and SUNNY HOSTIN (CNN legal analyst).

Tune in to hear the panel’s thoughts on the following topics:

  • * Should Donald Trump’s controversial comments about immigration be considered hate speech?
  • * Have racial tensions risen under President Obama’s administration?
  • * If Ahmed Mohamed were white, would he have been handcuffed? (NOTE – Ahmed Mohamed is the 14 year old Muslim boy who was put in handcuffs after bringing in a clock as a science project).

Plus, Steve welcomes two people who made racially charged comments on social media and the repercussions have changed both of their lives forever. See how Steve feels about each of their pleas requesting redemption from their past mistakes. On the flip side, Steve welcomes a woman whose son was the target of an online racially charged comment and it too, affected their lives in ways that they could not imagine.