Meet this hilariously inappropriate 10-year-old comedian

Posted at 7:12 PM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 19:12:47-04

DALLAS -- "My dad says I'm not pretty enough for pageants, so he makes me do comedy. Help me," Saffron Herndon says during her stand-up routine on YouTube.

KDAF said Saffron is only 10-years-old and she's already making a name for herself in the comedy world. This fifth-grader from Mesquite started doing stand-up when she was just eight.

"My dad. He always did stand-up. I ask dad, 'Dad can I do stand up?" Saffron explained.

"I just laughed at myself. I thought that would be funny, a kid that's barely eight doing stand-up comedy," her dad, Steve Herndon, said.

And she was hooked, "I love making people laugh!"

"She's always been a fan of being in front of the crowd," Steve said.

Yeah, you're probably thinking Saffron's routine is full of knock-knock jokes. Not a chance.

"Now that gay people can get married, I have a lot of questions. Like when lesbians get married do they have two bridesmaids," Saffron asks during her stand-up routine. "What were you guys expecting, me telling jokes about rainbows and puppies?"

Nothing is really off limits.

"I don't understand why Christians have to drink God's blood. Sounds dangerous. There's no telling what's in there. He could be diabetic," Saffron said performing.

Religion, school, death, and yes, even race.

"I wish God was black. So, instead of crackers we could have brownies," Saffron said performing.

"Very few times surprisingly are people offended," her dad said.

The attention she is getting ain't no joke. She's done stand-up all over including Texas, Los Angeles, and Michigan. And Friday, this little girl will be in New York on The Today Show.

"I want to have my own sitcom. I want to be a professional comedian, but I want to be on SNL," Saffron told NewsFix. "Lorne Michaels, I want to be on SNL."

Come on Lorne, this is a no brainer!