Coco Austin shows off tiny baby bump at 7 months

Posted at 4:38 PM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 16:38:21-04

When most women get pregnant, there’s a period of “Is she or isn’t she?” that goes on with friends and family who aren’t yet clued in as they watch a slowly-expanding waistline. But when it comes to Coco Austin, people are asking a different question: How could she be?

On Sunday, Ice-T’s famously curvy wife posted a picture of herself backstage at her husband’s concert. Fans could see her long blonde hair, her ample assets and some nifty shoes — but at 28 weeks pregnant, what seemed to be missing was any sort of baby bump whatsoever.

“Chilling baby..I’m just chillin…” she says on Instagram. “Backstage at BC concert supporting my man. Thats how I roll #28weeks.”

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Chilling baby..I'm just chillin… Backstage at BC concert supporting my man..Thats how I roll….. #28weeks🍼 #louboutin shoes #Guess Blouse

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She also posted an emoji of a baby bottle, and although they say to never cry over spilled milk, fans reacted with shock and surprise at the sight of the sexy 7-months-pregnant shot.

“This has to be an old photo girl,” one commenter on Instagram said right away below her post. “Where is that baby bump!!?”

28 weeks? Is this possible?” asked another.

“Her surrogate is 28 weeks cuz she’s clearly not,” said someone else.

Ice-T and Coco announced in August that the baby will be a girl, and they plan to name it Chanel Nicole. The baby will be Ice-T’s third child.