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Stunning ‘Supermoon’ Total Eclipse 2015 photos

Posted at 9:53 PM, Sep 27, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. -- Don't miss your chance to see the "Supermoon" total lunar eclipse -- something that has not happened since 1982 -- Sunday night.

A supermoon is the closest full moon of the calendar year, and its proximity to earth will make the moon appear close to 14% larger in the sky.

The supermoon will pass through the earth’s shadow from 9:07 p.m. EDT Sunday until 12:27 a.m. Monday.   According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center: When the moon is completely within Earth’s shadow, direct light from the sun is blocked and the moon will turn a reddish color as it reflects the light of all of the sunsets and sunrises happening on Earth.

A supermoon and a lunar eclipse occurring at the same time is uncommon — it’s only happened five times since 1900 and won’t happen again for another 18 years.