How you can see ‘Supermoon’ Lunar Eclipse in Richmond

Posted at 5:41 AM, Sep 25, 2015

Click the video player above to watch a live feed from NASA. Or click here to watch the stream on

The evening of Sunday, September 27, marks an event not seen since 1982 — a supermoon lunar eclipse.  A supermoon is the closest full moon of the calendar year, and its proximity to earth will make the moon appear close to 14% larger in the sky.

The supermoon will pass through the earth’s shadow from 9:07 p.m. EDT Sunday until 12:27 a.m. Monday.    According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center: When the moon is completely within Earth’s shadow, direct light from the sun is blocked and the moon will turn a reddish color as it reflects the light of all of the sunsets and sunrises happening on Earth.   A supermoon and a lunar eclipse occurring at the same time is uncommon — it’s only happened five times since 1900 and won’t happen again for another 18 years.


Unfortunately, cloud cover and the threat of rain Sunday evening may prevent parts of Virginia from seeing the eclipse.    You can also watch the eclipse live on NASA TV and the NASA app.

Video courtesy: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center