HOLMBERG: Now-famous UCI cobblestone switchback has its own story

Posted at 11:43 PM, Sep 25, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. -- The cobblestone switchback above Main Street on a sharp shoulder of Church Hill has been a favorite for generations.

Tonight - Friday night - it's beautiful. Lit like a movie set. Glistening under a misty rain while serious but amateur cyclists tackle the UCI road course's snakelike monster.

As the sun sets, it's like the running of the bulls - without the bulls - on bicycles, by flashlight.

Two blocks away, a woman in a car asked me, "Where's the cobblestone show?"

Cobblestone Race

And I couldn't help but think of all the years that cobblestone switchback was neglected. Big gaping holes, missing stones, washed out ditches, but still a sweet playground for Frisbee players, dog walkers, sunset watchers and tree climbers.

This summer I watched Latino masons return it to its former glory for the race.

Now, there’s nothing but cheering for those spectators braving it steep shoulders. Clanging cowbells and shouts of "You can do it!"

We're all a close family this night.

Inside Poe's Pub at the base of the now-famous stone serpent, foreigners and locals sing American songs together - united by this very special spot.

Make sure you get to see it!