Boy from Uganda adopted by Mechanicsville family submits Under Armour video

Posted at 11:51 PM, Sep 18, 2015

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- The popular sports gear manufacturer Under Armouris once again searching for its next generation of young athletes to represent the company.

Among the video submissions you can see online is one from a 10-year-old Richmond-area boy whose story is much different than the others.

Perhaps you recognize James Williams and his new, large, homeschooling family in Mechanicsville.

We twice featured the Williams family on CBS 6. First, when they were struggling to adopt two young brothers from a remote village in Uganda and then when the boys arrived a year ago.

It had been a year-long, expensive journey that was helped along by many in their community.

The boys are settling in well, catching up on math and English.

And the family noticed what a natural, powerful athlete 10-year-old James was, with a physique of a much older male.

But his strength and agility was born out of necessity.

He and his siblings' mom died of a snakebite when James was 7. His daily workouts included hauling water from the village well, climbing trees with a machete in his mouth to hack down mangoes and jackfruits, collecting firewood and cutting grass with a sickle. All as a young boy.

Watch his submission video here as well as our original reports and Friday's update video report.

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