Police arrest Short Pump burglar that used ‘lost dog’ as cover

Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-31 18:33:15-04

HENRICO, Va. — An arrest has been made after a series of home burglaries in an upscale Short Pump neighborhood.

Police said 28-year-old John-Thomas Lester Howard is responsible for breaking into four homes in the colonies at Wilde Lake, off Lauderdale Drive.

Neighbors told CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit that a man said he was looking for his lost dog, under the guise of robbing homes.

Suzanne Esposito lives in the neighborhood and said she was walking her dog when she noticed a strange man in a neighbor’s yard.

“It was weird,” Esposito said.

Esposito said the man told her he was looking for a lost dog.

“He just looked at us and went across the street trying to avoid us and said’ I’m looking for a lost dog,’” Esposito said. “He didn’t ask if we saw the dog or anything like that.”

Esposito and other neighbors said the man got into his car, parked on Northwind, when he noticed people watching him, and took off at a very high rate of speed.

“It’s bold, desperate,” Esposto said. “I believe he was going in the back lower windows.”

Police said he made off with cash and other items.

Howard was arrested and faces several charges.