Hardworking Richmond woman: “Why should I have to live in a sewer pile?”

Posted at 6:26 PM, Aug 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-27 19:45:56-04

RICHMOND, Va. –Richmond resident Jamie Miller reported an “eyesore” alleyway filled with debris to Richmond's "See Click Fix" page.

She said nothing has been done to clean up the clutter though.

"I've worked really hard! Why should I have to live in a sewer pile?"

Miller lives in Richmond's historic district of Chestnut Hill Plateau, in North Richmond.

She loves her neighborhood, except for that pile of junk located across the alley from another home.

"There's a car up on crates, there's a boat up on its side on the ground just like all torn up and hacked up,” Miller said. “Debris, the aroma is unpleasant and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

The lady who lives at the residence, Bonnie Pacey, said, "I've cleaned up a lot.”

“I've been throwing away a lot of stuff. I don't have enough trash cans to make it empty."

Pacey collects items for scrap to be sold. She recently received an unlawful accumulation code violation order from the city to clean up or face fines which could be up $2,500 dollars.

"People scrap when they need money! Cause the scrap guard will give you like five buck or whatever they give you for steel," explained Pacey.

Pacey said her family is facing hard times and Miller understands.

But she also said they shouldn’t have to deal with a problem that affects their alley.

“You need to be responsible for your yard and out into the common way,” she said. “That's where our responsibility is to keep it well maintained."