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Huggies responds to reports of glass shards on baby wipes

Posted at 2:49 PM, Aug 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-21 18:10:59-04

CAMARILLO, Calif.– A California mother’s video apparently showing glass on her daughter’s baby wipes prompted a response from Huggies.

Melissa Estrella’s video was uploaded Thursday night and it already has more than 5 million views. In it, she opens three packages of Huggies baby wipes and brushes off the apparent glass shards with her fingers.

“I’m not lying, you guys. There’s glass on my daughter’s wipes,” Estrella says in the video. “I’m just so heart broken I didn’t notice this sooner.”

Huggies released the following statement on its Facebook page at about midnight and responded to individual complaints. Anyone with additional concerns is urged to call the company.

The company has not issued a recall of the baby wipes, but Kmart stores in Guam pulled packs of the product from shelves, according to Pacific Daily News.

WTVR CBS 6 viewer Ashley Jarratt from Hopewell posted the following video response to the story.

Jarratt said what appears to be tiny glass shards are actually just moisture between the layers of the wipes.

“If you blow on it – and it turns out like this – there’s no glass,” Jarratt said. “You rub it, you feel nothing.”