Timber rattlesnake captured in Home Depot

Posted at 12:58 PM, Aug 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 13:03:24-04

Spring Hill, TN  — A venomous timber rattlesnake was caught at the Spring Hill Home Depot Wednesday.

“Oh my gosh,” said Angela Grainger of Mane Street Hair Co., watching the video of the capture on a phone. “I’m shaking. He was angry! I wasn’t even there, and I was, like, tense.”

“I would be screaming bloody murder,” added the customer in her chair, Dorris Flynn. “I can look at the picture there, but if I was there, I’d be gone.”

At Grainger’s shop, there’s the buzz of clippers and the whir of a hairdryer. One thing they won’t allow is the hiss of a snake.

“My toes are still curling here,” laughed Grainger. “I’m going to stick one in one of your socks!”

A little too close for their comfort, the video they watched was taken at the Home Depot right across the street.

“One of our associates reported hearing some rustling there in the racking,” said Home Depot store manager TJ Thompson. “We blocked off the area, used our barricade gates to shut off the area.

Thompson said Animal Pros Pest Control was called immediately. Adam Warden was dispatched out, GoPro ready to catch the capture of a timber rattlesnake.

“They’re highly venomous,” said Warden. “They are deadly. You have to expect the unexpected. I was able to locate him before he could see me. He did not like being picked up.”

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency said it’s rare for a snake like this, shy of people, to end up inside a business.

“A lot of times, since we’re in a more rural location, they’ll find a spot to settle in,” said Thompson. “It just so happens, he chose the Home Depot in Spring Hill.”

As for Flynn and Grainger, through a phone screen is the closest they want to get to a snake.

“I don’t even like a worm,” laughed Flynn. “Oh, I’d probably have a heart attack.”