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Couple sentenced for prostituting captive out of RV in New Kent

Posted at 7:23 PM, Aug 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-14 19:23:28-04

NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. -- The Iowa couple who abducted a woman and forced her into prostitution were sentenced Friday morning to prison.

A judge sentenced Aldair Hodza to 41 and a half years in prison while Laura Sorenson received 40 a year sentence.

Earlier this year, the couple pleaded guilty to holding a woman hostage in their RV and forcing her to perform sex acts for money.

The couple were arrested in New Kent County in January after trucker Kevin Kimmel saw the woman staring out the window of the couple’s RV looking in distress. Kimmel, who WTVR CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett interviewed, then called police.

hero trucker

Trucker Kevin Kimmel

Kimmel was parked behind the Pilot station when a couple of doors down he noticed suspicious activity in the RV.

Kimmel said several things about a RV parked in the Pilot Truck lot in New Kent caught his attention. The biggest red flag was catching a glimpse of a distraught looking girl who abruptly disappeared behind a black curtain, that’s when he quickly called police.

“All of the sudden the thing was rocking and rolling," Kimmel said. “Saw what looked like a young girl looking out the window, the black drapes didn’t make it look like a families’ RV, you know,” Kimmel said. “I saw a guy come up and knock on the door then go inside the Pilot–then quickly came back and knocked again, all of the sudden the thing was rocking and rolling.”

Kimmel, a veteran trucker, said it was a no brainer what was going on, so he dialed deputies.

The couple was charged with a federal crime of sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion.