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Dad: My wife taught our four-year-old son how to beat her breathalyzer

Posted at 8:10 PM, Aug 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-12 20:10:57-04

APOPKA, Florida -- A father said he planned to pack up his children and move back to Oklahoma after he said his wife used their four-year-old son to beat a breathalyzer. Doug King said he had the breathalyzer installed in his wife's car after she got out of rehab.

A Florida bartender called 911 Sunday afternoon to report the mother for leaving her children in the car while she came inside for a beer.

"I have a lady that just came in and sat down at my bar and her kid is in the car with the A/C running. He looks like he's about two or three years old," the bartender told 911 dispatch. "She seemed a little under the influence and then she chugged a beer, but I didn't know she had a kid in the car."

There were actually two children in the car. When police arrived to investigate, their body camera video showed April King's four-year-old son grab the car's breathalyzer and blow into it.

"My son just turned four years old and the fact that he learned how to do that, I don't put the intelligence behind him one bit, but to learn to hum and blow at the same time it was a surprise," Doug King said.

King said he was so upset with his wife, he refused to bail her out of jail.

Police charged April King with child neglect for leaving the children in the car. She was not charged with DUI because police could not prove she drove the car while under the influence.