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Henrico prostitution sting nets Chesterfield Police recruit

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-12 23:15:06-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A Chesterfield Police recruit arrived at the Glen Allen Courtyard by Marriott, but soon checked out with a summons for allegedly soliciting a prostitute, according to police sources. Michael Kilcullen, 26, was charged with soliciting a prostitute, a class one misdemeanor, following a recent Henrico Police prostitution sting.

"He's a police recruit," CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone said. "They're taught the laws at the police academy, so he probably should've been aware and makes you wonder why it happened to begin with."

Henrico Police ran the sting at Brook Road hotel on August 5. Kilcullen was arrested and released on a summons. The incident report claimed Kilcullen used the website to arrange a sexual encounter.

"If they have sufficient evidence, there are programs for first time offenders in Henrico,” Stone said. "It’s basically a school for 'Johns' that educates those arrested, on the impact prostitution has on females and a lot of times it opens people’s eyes to what they’ve really gotten into."

Kilcullen was part of a current recruit class that had only been training for about two weeks, police sources said.

Prior to training, there is a series of steps recruits go through before making the academy. Those steps, which include polygraph tests, cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.

"The department was made aware of the situation and Mr. Kilcullen resigned his position as a police recruit the following morning," a Chesterfield Police spokesperson said in a statement.

"In some areas of the country, if a police officer doesn't complete the training for whatever reason, then the officer is required to pay back the cost to the agency," criminal expert Steve Neal said. "But I'm not aware of any agency in the Richmond area that does this."

Kilcullen had no comment when asked about his arrest. Kilcullen has a court date next week.