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Chief has ‘no further comment’ about Richmond Police HR chief post

Posted at 7:45 PM, Aug 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-03 20:07:31-04

RICHMOND, Va. — Chief Alfred Durham released a statement late Monday afternoon, saying that an investigation was conducted and completed regarding Antoinette Archer’s post, but the chief says he will have no further comment, since it is a personnel matter.

Archer is the head of human resources for the Richmond Police Department.

In a July 14 Facebook message, Archer wrote that officers need to live within their means and stop complaining about the salary of the job they agreed to take.

Her post also included a number of pointed hashtags.

Last month multiple police sources told CBS 6 that any officer who used social media to comment on Archer’s post has been told to meet with internal affairs.

"It creates a problem with officers who rely on HR to support them, because it's supposed to be a place officers can turn to,” said Tony Paciello, the President of the Richmond Coalition of Police.  “But now they’ll second guess themselves because of what she posted on Facebook."

In the post, Archer urged her unnamed audience to stop whining, pointing out, “it’s your responsibility to ensure that the position you accepted provides for those things,” such as your own expenses, including daycare, a car note or future weddings, divorce or death.

The post ended with the hashtags: #not my fault you bought a Mercedes on a Ford salary, #wear payless, #get a side hustle,” and  several others.

Archer’s salary is nearly $94,000 a year with a take-home vehicle, paid for by taxpayers. WTVR CBS 6 went to Archer's home, to ask her about the post. A city car was parked out front, but no one answered the door.

"I had a conversation with the HR chief and she understands I have issues with it and we are looking into it," Chief Durham said late Tuesday.

Durham often talks about his five “focus” points to make Richmond Police a desirable workplace, but some officers said the Facebook post on the HR chief’s page does not help.

"Especially for not getting raises for a five- to six-year period, and trying to fix the morale in the department that was spiraling downward,” said Paciello. “This just throws gas back onto the fire."