Dangerous intersection in Chesterfield neighborhood has neighbors on edge

Posted at 8:36 PM, Aug 01, 2015

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va -- When Saturday rolls around, you'll find Charles Gerena working in the front yard. And looking over his shoulder for reckless drivers.

He lives in Settlers Landing in the Bon Air neighborhood of Chesterfield County.

"Usually, I'm the first one that will hear about it or hear the crash or hear the cop cars pull up,” said Gerena.

So, Gerena was not surprised to find a damaged school bus parked on his street.

"Usually, it's when somebody is coming out of the neighborhood.  And then, somebody is not stopping at the stoplight like they're supposed to.  So, they'll usually clock somebody,” said Gerena.

BMW accident

Thursday, Chesterfield police said the driver of a BMW was heading Eastbound on Robious Road through the intersection of Early Settlers road when it collided with the front end of a school bus.

Both vehicles were damaged, but no one was injured. The BMW driver was given a summons for disregarding a traffic signal.

"I think that's definitely added to the concern I've had about the number of accidents,” said Gerena.

CBS 6 looked into the number of crashes at the intersection of Robious and Early Settlers roads.

We found six reported accidents for 2013, three for 2014, and three so far from January 1 to June 30 of 2015.  None of them were fatal.

Gerena said the frequent accidents makes him scared. “That could be me coming out of the neighborhood,” said Gerena.  “We have speed limit signs that are up through the neighborhoods.  The police will run speed traps through here occasionally to clock them.  But they can’t be here all the time.”

Gerena said it comes down to people in the neighborhood looking out for each other and obeying the law.