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Nikki-Dee Ray harvests oysters with Rappahannock Oyster Company

Posted at 3:43 PM, Jul 31, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-03 09:54:10-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Nikki-Dee Ray headed to the Northern Neck for her latest adventure and tried her hand at something a little fishy: oyster harvesting. Watch as she takes to the high season on an oyster boat with the Rappahannock Oyster Company as part of her "Nikki-Dee, Can You Be Me" segment.

“I’ll let you push the button," said Eli Nichols, a nursery manager for Rappahannock Oyster Company. "We’re going to go up, so push the red button."

The pair then drop an oyster cage into the Chesapeake Bay and Eli has Nikki-Dee jump right out of the boat and stand on the cage.

Next Nikki-Dee and Eli head to the company's sorting facility. That’s where the oysters are loaded onto a conveyor belt and dumped into a contraption that sorts the oysters by size.

“Today has been a complete dream come true," Nikki-Dee said . "I had a lot of fun today. Who doesn’t love being on the water?”

But how does Eli rate Nikki-Dee's oyster skills?

“I think you got a solid eight,” Eli said. “You did excellent.”

“I was hoping for a solid 10,”  Nikki-Dee said. "I got in the water."

“Ok, I’ll give you a nine and a half,” Eli said.

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