‘God’s hand was on that knife,’ Sussex pastor details recent attacks

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 30, 2015

SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. -- Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife Carol have opened their hearts and home to those in need over the past 27 years.

"I never thought he would come and do this,” said Hugh Mayes.

He and his wife are still conflicted by what happened.

"I keep questioning, cause I feel like his life is ruined."

For six months, Hugh and Carol let Max Chilsom live in their Sussex County home. The entire time the couple was trying to get him into the Mental Health Care at local facilities, to get the care they believed he needed.

"They still didn't get him help because he wasn't insured,” Hugh said.

A month before the attack the couple told Max he had to leave. Then, on June 15, their lives changed.

Hugh and Carol May survived an attack.

Hugh and Carol May survived an attack.

"It's so hard to believe that that sweet child that lived with us, could come in and do this,” Carol said.

Max entered the home through a back window.

"I didn't hear a thing until I heard her screaming,” Hugh said.

Carol was on the couch asleep but she believes God was with her.

"God's hand was on that knife, because you can see by my wounds, that my two carotids, they were hit, but I didn't bleed to death.”

Before Hugh can get up, Max is on the bed.

"When you've got a knife over your heart, you kinda, it's kinda scary,” he said.

Pastor Mayes was stabbed in the chest and his wife suffered stab wounds to her neck and chest.

With Max behind bars they hope he can now get mental health counseling.

“Everyone fell in love with Max and they did everything for him,” said church member Janet Brockwell. “When he got a car and job, though, things changed.”

"I'd like to see him get the help he needs,” Carol said. “He's going to continue hurting himself and maybe hurting someone else, if nothing is done to help him, he needs help.”

Hugh and Carol said they continue to see God's role in their survival.

From neighbors rushing to help provide first aid to the ambulance that just happened to be a few minutes away.

“I just grabbed a towel and put pressure on the wounds while he called 9-1-1,” neighbor Stanton Benson said.

The Mayes are also thankful for the financial donations because bills continue to mount.\

Chisholm, age 21, was arrested in Richmond after a two-day manhunt.

A close family member called him a “narcissistic sociopath."