The car color that men and women can’t agree on

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jul 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-07 23:15:45-04

NEW YORK — Apparently, when it comes to picking car colors, men and women don’t agree.

And what’s the most contentious color? Orange. That’s according to data from, a search engine that aggregates online car listings.

The company pulled data from its website and found that black cars were the most popular, regardless of gender — getting about 16% of inquiries last year.

White was a close second with 15% and silver had 13%.

When the data was split down gender lines, the company found men and women were sharply divided on more ostentatious tones.

Orange wasn’t popular for either gender, but shoppers that were interested in the color were overwhelmingly male.

Brown paint jobs were also more alluring for men, but women preferred gold and silver much more often.

Surprisingly, red isn’t drawing the eye of either gender as much as it used to. Red is typically one of the most popular colors outside the gray scale. said in January that red cars were listed the most behind white, silver and black.

Red, however, fell behind blue in’s rankings, though it still had a good lead in front of other colors — including green, gold, beige, brown and yellow.