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Buddy Check 6 reports to continue in honor of Stephanie Rochon

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jul 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-07 08:20:41-04

RICHMOND, Va. — CBS 6 anchor and my dear friend, Stephanie Rochon, spent 15 years delivering reports on breast cancer through the eyes of the survivors and doctors on the front lines in her monthly Buddy Check 6 reports.

Sadly, Stephanie died of cancer June 3, 2015. Buddy Check 6 was close to Stephanie’s heart. We felt the best way to honor Stephanie’s memory and legacy is to continue these monthly reports on CBS 6.

I am privileged to continue telling these important breast cancer stories from the people impacted the most. Over the years, we’ve seen the breast cancer survival rate increase due to more advanced technology, medicines and screenings. A Richmond doctor recently said awareness is one of the best tools in this fight against breast cancer.

It’s our mission at CBS 6 to share these stories in hopes of informing and bringing more awareness of the various ways this disease is being treated and the survivors who are beating breast cancer every day.

You can watch my Buddy Check 6 reports the 6th of every month and encourage your buddy to sign up for monthly self-exam email reminders.