No body parts found at Virginia home during serial killer investigation

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jun 26, 2015

HAMPTON, Va. -- The search of possible serial killer William Howell's Hampton home turned up no human remains, police announced Friday. Hampton Police assisted investigators from Connecticut and the FBI with their investigation, WTKR reported.

Hampton home search

Howell, who is serving 15 years in prison, was convicted in the 2003 death of a Connecticut woman. The investigation into Howell remained open after his conviction however because investigators wanted to identify the source of addition blood found in Howell's van.

William Howell

William Howell

In 2007, investigators uncovered the remains of three women behind a Connecticut strip mall.

Earlier this year, the remains of three more women and a man were found. Among those remains were remains of the woman Howell was convicted of killing in 2003. Police believe the same person was responsible for all the killings.

Serial killer remains

This week Hampton Police filed a search warrant to search Howell's property. The warrant indicated police were looking for body parts, human remains, blood, hair, fibers, clothing and a site where a body may have been buried.

On Friday, police announced the search was over and no evidence was found.