How to beat bedbug infestations during ‘peak’ months

Posted at 11:56 PM, Jun 10, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. - During the warmer months, it's not uncommon for people to hit the road for vacation.

And sometimes unexpected guests are brought back when travelers return. Rachel Kingery of Richmond said she believes she brought some uninvited guests back with her after her vacation.

"I think I had bed bugs," she said, "every morning I would wake up with more and more bites."

According to a recent survey by the National Pest Management Association, bed bug infestations spike during the summer months.

Hotels, apartments, and single family homes are the top three places where bed bugs can be found.

If you do plan to travel, experts remind you to pull back bed sheets and check the mattress seams for pepper like stains.

They also recommend that once you get home, check your suitcases and dry all fabrics in a hot dryer for at least thirty minutes.

Rachel said she believes her problem has since been taken care of, but said with summer on its way, she's going to be extra cautious.