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What new regulations mean for Uber and Lyft drivers in Virginia

Posted at 1:39 PM, Jun 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-03 14:10:05-04

RICHMOND, Va. — Drivers for Uber and Lyft in Virginia have new guidelines to follow after the governor signed legislation establishing new procedures for all transportation network company (TNC) partners.

Uber and Lyft both offer affordable “cab-like” experiences to customers who can order the service via an application on their phone. The apps offer GPS location and real-time arrival data for customers so they don’t have to wait outside for their car to arrive.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed a legislation in February requiring all drivers to under go a background check, be at least 21-years-old, be properly licensed to drive, and all TNC vehicles must be  insured and registered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has spent the last several months working to implement the legislation into law. Uber and Lyft have been operating in Virginia under temporary terms since Aug. 6, 2014. Both companies are now working with the DMV to receive permanent authority.

The DMV will start registering TNC vehicles starting June 4, 2015 and rrivers have until July 4, 2015 to register. Then the TNC registration credentials will be mailed to the vehicle owner on file with the DMV. There is not charge to register a partner vehicle.

Click here for a full list of guidelines for all other TNC Partners who plan to operate in Virginia.