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Knife-wielding terror suspect shot and killed by Boston Police

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jun 02, 2015

BOSTON — A man who was fatally shot by police in Boston on Tuesday was part of a broader terror investigation involving suspected Islamist extremists being tracked by the U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force, a law enforcement official said. The suspect belonged to an ad hoc terror network, said a second law enforcement source. Police and federal agents shot and killed the man after he waved a large military-style knife at officers.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the shooting occurred about 7 a.m. after officers and FBI agents confronted the unidentified man, who turned around with a large black knife. The officers retreated and ordered the man to put down the weapon before they opened fire, Evans said. The man died from his injuries.

“Unfortunately, he came at the officers and, you know, they do what they were trained to do and, unfortunately, they had to take a life,” Evans said.

A Boston police officer as well as a federal agent opened fire on the suspect, Evans said.

The shooting is under investigation.