What dad does when girl is chased by a goose will either make you LOL or very angry

Posted at 7:19 PM, Jun 01, 2015

Most folks experienced at least one moment of bad decision making in their childhood involving animals.

These days, such moments can be documented for eternity by cellphones. Accordingly, one father captured what happened to his young daughter last month.

In a video that is trending on YouTube, the man is heard goading the child into chasing a mother goose and her gander near the water’s edge.

“Get closer to them,” he is heard saying twice in the video.

The child then appears to pick up something from the ground and toss it at the fowl.

Seconds later, the mother goose charges the child.

“He’s coming at me,”  the petrified child screams. “Daddy, help me!”

The video shows the child running away as fast as her legs will carry her as the goose flaps above her head before heading back to the water.

The girl then trips and falls hard along the shore.

The father is heard laughing in the background as the child picks herself back and walks toward him.

Her dad then uploaded the video on YouTube with the caption, “Typical Friday night with my nature loving daughter.”