Star-studded ‘Steve Jobs’ trailer hints at movie worth the wait

Posted at 11:24 AM, May 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-18 11:24:13-04

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The eagerly awaited first glimpse at the new “Steve Jobs” movie aired Sunday night during the ‘Mad Men’ finale — and it didn’t disappoint.

The movie trailer has been a long time coming. The film, written by Aaron Sorkin and based on Walter Isaacson’s biography, has been troubled from the start. It changed studios, directors and even actors playing Jobs.

Based on the one-minute trailer, the movie appears like it will be worth the wait.

As the trailer begins, we see the back of Michael Fassbender playing Jobs. He’s standing on stage and looking at an empty theater, presumably the Flint Center in Cupertino, California. In 1984, that’s where Jobs introduced the Macintosh to the world for the first time at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting.

Meanwhile, we hear a voice over of Fassbender as Jobs talking about the Mac. “At 9:41, planet’s gonna shift on its axis line forever. Two most significant events in the twentieth century: Allies win the war and this.”

Then, as the screen narrows on Jobs, we hear the voice of Seth Rogen playing Steve Wozniak, Apple’s other co-founder.

“You can’t write code, you are not an engineer,” he says to Jobs. “What do you do?”

Jobs’ answer: “The musicians play the instruments; I play the orchestra.”

We then get more from Jobs, showing his belief that he knows what the customer wants better than consumers know for themselves.

“I sat in a garage and invented the future, because artists lead, and hacks ask for a show of hands,” he says in voice over.

Kate Winslet as Apple engineer and Jobs confidant Joanna Hoffman chimes in next. “I love that you don’t care how much money a person makes,” she says. “You care what they make, but what you make isn’t supposed to be the best part of you.”

The screen narrows to a cursor-sized rectangle, as the scene shifts from an empty theater to a roaring crowd. Jobs takes the stage, as we hear him say to Apple CEO John Sculley, “You’re the only one who sees the world same way I do.”

Sculley, played by Jeff Daniels, responds: “No one sees the world the same way you do.”

The image becomes completely white and starts blinking like a cursor, alluding to Apple I PC built by Wozniak and Jobs — the first machine that allowed people to type on a keyboard and see the results immediately on a monitor.

The words “Steve Jobs” are typed on the screen. Then a flash, and Jobs is on stage later in his life with the audience loudly applauding.

The names of the actors then appear on screen with quick glimpses of them playing the roles of people who wrote Apple’s history.

The trailer ends with a smiling Jobs looking over the crowd. Then, the trailer ends, with the words “October 9.”