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Nottoway students lose chance at state title thanks to no-show school bus

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-19 07:01:48-04

NOTTOWAY, Va. -- Area students forced to forfeit their chance at a state title because the school bus didn't show up to take them.

Nottoway students said they've been working for six months to qualify for the state Envirothon competition.

Some even gave up part of their weekend to take part in the first segment of the statewide event this past Sunday. They had no idea what was in store when they showed up Monday morning

For these eight Nottoway High Students it was their moment in the spotlight, their time to shine at the state level in an Envirothon competition.

For months they've worked on ways to protect the environment addressing critical problems scientists tackle every day

Tenth grader Jacob Smith said what he's learning in the group has piqued his interest in that career.

“Well there's always a need for environmental scientists to ensure that the planet is here for us to live on so it's definitely something you could use in the future,” Smith said.

Smith and seven others were psyched to qualify for the state Envirothon competition at Longwood College, setting their sights on a victory and a shot at a national competition.
Hunter McCraw said it was an opportunity blown when they missed the second day of state competition.

“We were waiting for the bus and it didn't come and then my teacher called the bus shop and she said they told her there were no buses to go on,” McCraw said.

“By the time we found out there was no bus the parents had dropped off the kids already and left,” Diane Rash said. “There was no way to say let's drive most of them had to go to work.”

The situation, even for those who didn't have students involved, turned out to be a disappointment.

“It is disappointing but don't give up,” Lynell Bassfield said. “Unfortunately sometimes things happen that are not for seeable but we still love you and support you.”

Nottoway superintendent told CBS 6 he's deeply sorry they were unable to participate.

"We did not have a driver available due to illness," he said, and promised it won't happen again.

Parents said they just want their students to know they are proud of their efforts. The student said next year they will work extra hard again to bring home the state title.