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Woman frustrated over GRTC CARE van no-shows, delays

Posted at 7:02 PM, May 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-12 11:01:19-04

RICHMOND. Va. -- Too many riders and not enough drivers. It’s a problem one company is facing  and customers are taking notice. CBS 6 News received an email from a viewer who says she relies on the CARE van service frequently.

Over the months, Kathi Marks said she has had problems with the vans showing up on time or sometimes not at all. Marks said that she is growing more frustrated by the day with the problem.


“I’ve been at doctor's appointments sitting there waiting for them to pick me up, wondering if I'm going to come home," Marks said. "It’s very frightening."

She’s even more concerned with the problem because she’s having breast cancer surgery and the follow-up visits are critical.

“When I have my surgery, I’ll have to go every week cause he has to do for certain things. I want to know if I’m picked up, am I going to come home,” Marks explained.

Kathi Marks and CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown.

Kathi Marks and CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown.

GRTC Spokesperson Carrie Rose Pace said officials are aware of the problems. She explained that while GRTC owns the para-transit vans, another company, MV Transportation, has a contract to hire and manage the drivers  -- and run the routes.

Rose Pace , who noted that MV Transportation had 26 complaints last month, said that the company is experiencing a driver shortage. In fact, the company still needs one additional full-time driver and fifteen part-time van drivers. They are in the process of recruiting.

Rose Pace said that on Monday MV Transportation held a training for nine drivers. They plan to hold three more training session in the next 3 months.

In the meantime, Rose Pace says GRTC is pressing MV Transportation to fix the problems ASAP. If you have concerns about the CARE service or if you are interested in applying for a bus operator position, call 804-282-2273.