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Petersburg community say this stench is ‘unbearable’

Posted at 6:23 PM, May 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-11 06:43:47-04

PETERSBURG, Va.  -- As Brent Reid drove along E. Washington Street in Petersburg, everything looked as it should, but Reid pointed out a smell he doesn't think belongs.

"It just permeates the air all through this area and it just doesn't stop all summer long," he said.

He said the foul smell in the area is coming from the Tri-Cities Regional landfill.

"I kept wondering to myself how people could stand to live and work in the area, how bad it was," said Reid.

Nick Megariotis also works in the area. He said there are days when the smell is not bad, but other times it can be unbearable.

"I sometimes come out of the building to get fresh air, sometimes what we're working with smells and there's nowhere to go to get fresh air around here," said Megariotis.

CBS 6 went to the president of Container First Services, the company which owns the landfill, to address some of the concerns.

Robert Guidry said they take every complaint seriously and said they did have a complaint yesterday but that was the first in several weeks.

"Currently we are in an area where we've had an issue with some material coming down in about a 310 foot section and as a result of that we have got some exposed trash," said Guidry.

Guidry said they have submitted a plan to the State and are currently working to correct the issue.

He said the plan should be finished by next Friday, which should help minimize the issue.

However, he did say that because it's a landfill, there are times where there can be an odor.

"We have deodorizers all around the site to help with the odor," he said.

Still, those in the area said this kind of smell is one they would like to see completely gone.

"Sometimes the smell is bad enough it makes you sick to your stomach," said Megariotis.