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Rescue helicopter crashes couple’s beach side wedding

Posted at 10:52 AM, May 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-05 10:52:48-04

MALIBU, California -- A bride and groom were enjoying a picture-perfect ceremony in Malibu, California when a rescue helicopter crashed the wedding. The Missouri couple, who flew to California just to have their dream wedding on the beach, first noticed trouble on a cliff side behind them -- a climber got stuck on the rocks.

"He wasn't moving and like well that's odd and then we hear a fire truck then we an ambulance and then we hear more fire trucks and police and they kept showing up but they couldn't get to him," groom David Chesher said. "And then I see the nose of the helicopter coming around the side of the cliff and I grabbed her hands said oh you've got to be kidding me. And our photographer got a great capture of that exact moment where you can see her turn around looking, the bridesmaids turn around looking, the bridesmaids are looking that direction, my groomsmen all just mouths agape this can't be happening and from there it was laughter for us about a solid 20 minutes."

Wedding copter 01

Bride Jihan Chesher took the added excitement in stride.

"It was just a really funny situation," she said. "I get that some people might freak out, but I have no control over that helicopter in the air, so it was just funny at that point."

The rescued climber felt bad for crashing the couple's wedding.

Wedding copter 02

"He apologized to me again, he offered to buy me a gift, you've give us a gift, this was enough like, we have a story we'll never forget," David Chesher said.

After the wedding, the wedding photographer posted the pictures on Instagram and the happy couple got well wishes from people across the country.