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City orders contaminated sheetrock replaced after ‘human waste’ floods unit

Posted at 12:33 AM, Apr 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-24 10:42:34-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Hunter Haselman contacted WTVR CBS 6 last week after he had been living out of his car because of apartment issues. He sent photos of what he believed was human waste dropping in his bedroom closet and onto the walls. He said he still isn't getting the answers he wants from the apartment complex.

"I've asked them multiple times what's going to be done about this, every time I ask, no response," said Haselman.

Haselman said he contacted the City's code department on Monday to look at the conditions of the apartment.

"Just by his reaction and everything, he also thought it was disgusting," said Haselman.

Haselman showed us a paper citing several code violations, such as structural members not being maintained as well as walls and doors being damaged. The letter also stated that whatever was dripping into his home contaminated sheet rock and floor tiles which were ordered to be replaced.

WTVR CBS 6 contacted the leasing office again. We were referred to corporate and as of last Thursday night our phone calls were not returned.

However, a leasing agent did say that a contractor and an inspector with the city inspected the apartment and it passed.

A city spokesman said that a city code enforcement officer checked the location Thursday and reported that the wall and floor surfaces had been stripped and replaced.

"It's still the same wall, it's still the same Velcro that they super glued to the wall, I don't know how that's replaced," he said.

Haselman said he was offered $100 to spend a night in a hotel room. However, he said he wants a new place or to break his lease.