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New twist in case against ex-Richmond mega church pastor accused of sex crimes

Posted at 7:54 PM, Apr 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-17 19:54:25-04

TARRANT COUNTY, Va. -- There is a new twist in the case of a former Richmond mega church pastor accused of sex crimes against two girls. Two months before Geronimo Aguilar is scheduled to go on trial in Texas, lawyers for the man known as "Pastor G." are making a new effort to get the charges against him dismissed.

Court documents obtained by CBS 6 show that Aguilar's attorney argue that the case goes beyond the statute of limitations. According to the motion filed in Tarrant County, Texas, lawyers for Aguilar said the alleged offenses happened nearly 20 years ago. And since then, the lawyers argue that the required time to sue for such crimes in Texas has been changed multiple times.

In fact, Aguilar's lawyers state that the evidence in the case is no longer available, records have been destroyed and any witnesses would likely be unable to remember the investigation.

An investigation that defense attorneys said was conducted by the Texas Department of Family and Protective services in 1997 -- for the same alleged sex crimes -- cleared Aguilar of any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Aguilar been keeping a very low profile as his defense team gears for a major legal battle.

"He's not working anymore in the clergy field at this point and time as our request of him,” said David Carlson, Aguilar's attorney. "He's just anxious for his day in court to come and for this matter to be behind him once and for all.”

Carlson said that if a Texas judge decides that the statute of limitations has expired, then prosecutors cannot go forward and those charges would be dismissed.

If not, Aguilar's case will go to trial in June.