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WWII veteran still delivering meals on wheels at 95

Posted at 9:39 AM, Apr 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-17 10:05:54-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — If you’ve ever thought you’re too old to volunteer, you should meet 95-year-old Charles Cunningham.

“I don’t understand why more people don’t volunteer,” Cunningham said.

WSMV reports that Cunningham has always been there to answer the call. He flew P-40 fighter planes in combat during World War II. Now, he’s driving a Mustang, delivering wheels on meals.

“Well I had a Mustang back in 1966, and I wish I still had it,” he said. “Along came 2011, and so I got me another Mustang.”

Every week, Mid-Cumberland Meals on Wheels loads up Cunningham with meals for delivery.

“I tell folks I deliver meals on wheels to the old folks,” he said.

Many of those “old folks” are younger than Cunningham and always happy to see him.

At the kitchen where the meals are made, Cunningham is a favorite.

“He’s very experienced,” said Debby Persch with Mid-Cumberland Meals on Wheels, “Don’t have to tell him anything. He just takes his meals and goes.”

Cunningham said he always goes where called, whether it’s Uncle Sam or higher.

“We’re told to keep busy in the Lord’s business, and this is one way to fill that requirement,” he said.