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This one pan wonder Red Stripe BBQ Chicken dish is a perfect meal for busy nights

Posted at 1:08 PM, Apr 07, 2015

RICHMOND, Va - John Ellis, Executive Chef at Kroger, brought in a tasty one pan wonder dish of Red Stripe Beer BBQ Chicken. You can throw this flavor-packed chicken on a salad, serve it as an appetizer, or have is star as a main course. With minimal clean up and maximum flavor, you can try this delicious dish for dinner on a busy weeknight. For more information visit online at www.kroger.com.

Here’s what you need….

-1 tablespoon Canola Oil

-1 tablespoon fresh minced garlic

-1 tablespoon diced Vidalia onion (or sweet yellow onion)

-Homemade Herb Seasoning (Thyme, Basil and Oregano (all dried leaves), Garlic Powder, Kosher Salt, Paprika and Coarse Ground Black Pepper)

-1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast, cut in medallions

-1 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

-2 tablespoons Red Stripe Beer

-1/2 stick softened Butter with salt

In saute pan over medium high heat add canola oil, onions and garlic. While onions and garlic are cooking (for maybe 1 minute) toss chicken medallions with 2 tablespoons of herb seasoning. Add chicken to pan. Turn chicken so it is getting a nice sear on both sides. The herb season will stick nicely to the chicken if you turn only once. Add Worcestershire Sauce around the pan. Then add the Red Stripe Beer around the edge of the pan. You know want the beer to reduce(about a minute). This will enhance the sauce. Remove from heat and add the softened butter half at a time. Mix in the butter to thicken the sauce.  Great with mini corn muffins as an appetizer,  serve with a starch and a vegetable for a nice entree or chill and use on a salad.