Prayers for Skylar: Goochland couple just wants their baby back

Posted at 3:24 PM, Mar 27, 2015

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — J.J. and Lindsay Waldrop just want their baby back. The Goochland couple has asked the community to pray for their two-year-old daughter Skylar. Skylar is currently in critical, but stable, condition at the University of Virginia Hospital. She has been under the watchful eyes of doctors both at St. Mary’s in Henrico County and UVA for the last 10 days. The Waldrop’s nightmare began on March 18 when Skylar fell ill with a 104-degree fever.

J.J. Waldrop said Skylar’s first diagnosis came back as a stomach bug. They gave her medication and waited for her fever to break. It did. But on Friday, March 20, she got sick again. When the Waldrops took her to the emergency room at St. Mary’s, doctors did not like what they saw and kept her at the hospital for observation.

Skylar Waldrop

An ultrasound and echo revealed masses on little Skylar’s heart. Doctors at St. Mary’s advised the Waldrops that Skylar should be flown to UVA for specialized treatment. Skylar’s heart stopped beating twice on the way to her hospital room at UVA. Both times, doctors were able to revive her, J.J. Waldrop said.

Skylar is currently hooked up to an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine which is helping to keep her heart and lungs functioning. J.J. said all the doctors, nurses and technicians have been incredible. One even painted his daughter’s toes in an effort to cheer distraught family members.

Skylar Waldrop 02

J.J. Waldrop said doctors have pinpointed Skylar’s troubles to a nasty staph infection. He said doctors have not yet been able to determine what kind of permanent damage Skylar has suffered due to her ordeal.

“We’re just looking for as many prayers as possible. We just want our baby back,” J.J. said. “If you have kids, hold them, love them. We can’t pick Skylar up now because she’s attached to so many machines.”

Skylar’s family set-up a Prayers for Skylar Facebook page to provide updates and encourage others to pray.