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Woman spots leashed Calico cat on hood of SUV

Posted at 1:06 AM, Mar 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-26 22:30:44-04

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio – Police in a city in Ohio are looking for a driver spotted driving around  with a leashed Calico cat on the hood of their SUV.

WJW reports that a woman snapped photos of the bizarre scene because she did not think anyone would believe what she saw without proof.

The photos clearly show a cat leashed to the hood of an SUV heading through a busy intersection.

Polly Vandall, the woman who took the photos, is not sure what to think about what she witnessed.

“I have mixed emotions because I feel like I caught this woman five seconds in the middle of a situation where I don’t know the beginning and I don’t know the end,” Vandall said.

Police want to identify the driver so they can figure out what happened.

“It’ definitely strange," ” New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin said. "Part of my concern was the cat was on a leash and he may have been secured, but if there had been a sudden stop or an impact or something the cat could very easily have fell off the hood of the car and under the wheel of the car."

However, the police chief admits he is not sure whether the driver would face charges or just receive a warning.