Carrie Rose says goodbye to WTVR CBS 6 viewers

Posted at 11:08 AM, Mar 26, 2015
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RICHMOND, Va. — As Anna in the Disney animated film “Frozen” excitedly sings, “Wow, am I so ready for this change!” I am elated to pursue a new dream, right here in Richmond.

During March, I have been working two jobs. I started earlier this month at The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC Transit System) as their Public Relations Manager, while also continuing to work for you as your weekday morning meteorologist at WTVR CBS 6. As my double-duty month ends, it is time to say goodbye to my morning family, and to you my wonderful viewers.

After six years and three months, my last morning on air is Friday, March 27. A 2006 graduate of the University of Oklahoma meteorology and journalism programs, I began my broadcast career at KWTV in Oklahoma City (yes, where Zach Daniel – WTVR CBS 6 also worked and mentored me!), then joined WTVR in December 2008.

I appeared on the weekday morning through Noon newscasts, working with incredible on-air teammates and all the behind-the-scenes professionals whom I respect and value tremendously. I am also grateful to have been a part of our Storm Team, working with fine meteorologists and friends. While part of the team, I earned three Emmys, as well as the distinguished designation as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society. Grateful and joyful, that’s how I feel about my time devoted to WTVR CBS 6 and our viewers.

Rob Cardwell – WTVR CBS 6Reba Hollingsworth – WTVR CBS 6 and Kristen Luehrs – WTVR CBS 6 are my work family, along with the behind-the-scenes morning team. Not having coffee with them during the morning newscasts will be strange. We love laughing together! But I am excited to sleep in past 2 a.m. on a regular basis. And I’m sure they will enjoy a break from my incessant Disney singing. It’s time to “let it go…let it go…” I am grateful for their support during this transition.

Then there’s my supportive husband Jason! For the five years we have been together, we worked opposite shifts, visiting in passing and making the most of those precious moments. We joked that we should hang out more because we have such fun! I can’t wait to go on dates with him. RVA’s local restaurants, look out! I’m coming for you. Please have lots of fresh, local veggies and decadent desserts. You know I eat cake for breakfast sometimes…

For those of you who have met me in person at the Science Museum of Virginia, I will continue my volunteer work there, teaching about weather and climate and advocating for STEM futures. I hope to see many of you there soon! I will also remain active in the meteorology community, assuming my post in 2016 as Chair of the American Meteorological Society’s Broadcast Board. Some of you have already asked me to speak to your classes and civic organizations about weather and climate, and I would be delighted to visit with you! You can email me your request at

Speaking of new email addresses, it is an honor to apply my skills and love for the Richmond region to the GRTC team and mission. As PR Manager, I serve as an open communicator engaging in conversation with riders, Metro communities and local media. I value these conversations to help us improve how we provide attractive, safe and reliable transportation. Open communication will be increasingly essential as we grow through major development projects like Bus Rapid Transit (newly named “GRTC Pulse”), and also when Richmond embraces global visitors during The World Road Cycling Championships in September. Before the race, we are implementing huge upgrades to GRTC buses and our overall system that will make it easier for you to ride public transit! I look forward to seeing you in the community, and maybe on the bus!

Making the decision to stay open with my career allowed me to pursue this new dream. As a meteorologist, I study how weather fits into the larger climate perspective.  Climate change is no longer an emerging field. It is now. The science is constantly improving. We understand more about how our climate systems work, and why they are changing. We, by the way, are the primary cause of global temperature rise. Since the Industrial Revolution, the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases emitted into our atmosphere by people’s activities has increased to levels never seen in human history. Even though you may think global temperature rise isn’t happening after our past two Winters, it is. We have been the cold anomaly. The warming trend continues globally. This trend will continue. I have felt helpless to stop this tide of change, because it is unstoppable right now if we don’t change the way we use energy.

And that brings me back to GRTC. I am working now for a tangible, practical and essential service that is overhauling its fleet of vehicles to be greener. When a diesel bus retires from our fleet, it is replaced with a new Compressed Natural Gas bus, which has a smaller greenhouse gas footprint and is less expensive.  CNG is methane stored at high pressure, and when used for transport, it produces less pollution and more efficiency. Making the switch to CNG can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This adaptation by GRTC is one of the many reasons why I chose to make the move forward from my broadcast career to public transit.

Thank you all for being fans and friends, for making me a part of your day, and even an honorary member of your families. Your trust is my greatest pride. You make my day when you stop me in the grocery store to chat. Your hugs and handshakes warm my spirit. Your conversations with me through social media are so fun! You have made this a wonderful journey, and I can’t wait to see you more in our community. Richmond is home. So it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya real soon!

I will hold you close with a thankful heart,
Carrie Rose Pace

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