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High school hazing: Student forced to perform controversial act

Posted at 6:53 PM, Mar 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-19 18:53:50-04

ROSWELL, Ga. — A school district is under fire for an act a student was forced to perform in a locker room after a controversial picture was texted to WGCL, showing what we purportedly a soccer player eating a pickle off another player’s bottom.

The picture was taken inside a locker room at Centennial High School in Roswell.

“Whoa, that’s pretty gross,” said Ira Gorelick. “It’s critical for kids, especially at this age, to know where the lines are drawn and this crosses the line.”

Gorelick’s two kids attended the school. He says soccer players typically shave their head before the first game of the season, however, we were told that one member refused to take part of the hazing this year, so the others decided to teach him a lesson.


A school spokeswoman released the following statement:

“The district took this very seriously. It may have been a joke for the teenagers, but we expect our students to make better decisions. The hope is that the students learn from the situation and make better decisions in the future.”

The school district suspended the team for four games and said all the students involved were disciplined in some way since the district said it has policies on bullying and hazing in its code of conduct. The district would not comment on what specific discipline was taken because of student privacy.

“That’s abuse, that’s assault, that’s that boys body,” said parent Carol Ryczek, “No way should we tolerate that as a school, a neighborhood, a culture, a state, a nation.”

StopHazing, a group dedicated to preventing hazing, reports nearly half of students have experienced hazing before they reach college.

“That’s intolerable, and I think it has to be from the school and the parents’ standpoint, something that has to be enforced,” said parent Paul Ryczek.