Watch these men try on high heels; it’s funny and perspective-changing

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-17 17:43:25-04

Women have a love/hate relationship with their heels. The majority of men in this world have no idea what it’s like to perch atop a high heel and find a comfortable stride. That’s what makes this video pure gold.

“My feet are in mousetraps right now,” says one man.

“I understand why every woman wants a foot rub,” says another.

“These are like weapons.”

Screengrab from Buzzfeed embedded video.

Screengrab from Buzzfeed embedded video.

“I can’t stand straight,” said one man, as another agreed that he was going to fall.

The newly gained perspective kept coming from all the male volunteers.

“I already feel my calves strengthening.”

“I can’t believe they have to wear them a whole day.”

“The next time I am dancing with a woman in heels I’m going to ask if she is okay.”

Regardless, all men love the way heels look on women.

“I like the sound that it makes,” one guy offered.

“They should have these at the gym,” a guy concluded, just “some bros” in heels walking across the room. “One set.”