N. Chesterfield man charged with filming mother-in-law inside bathroom

Posted at 12:30 AM, Mar 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-14 00:45:28-04

NORTH CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- A disturbing crime out of North Chesterfield County, where police said they arrested a man for setting up a hidden camera in a  very intimate setting to record his own mother-in-law undressing.

The unassuming home, where it allegedly happened is just off Gregory Drive.  Police arrested and charged Brandon Thompson, 27, with "unlawful filming or photographing of another."

Detectives said he captured images of his mother-in-law in the bathroom, inside the home they all shared.

"The fact that it's in his own home, doesn't give him any more right to place a camera there," CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone said.

Stone isn't connected to the case, but said prosecutors must prove Thompson intentionally -- without consent -- filmed someone in the nude or partially nude.

"He can face up to 12 months in jail and he can face up to a $2,500 fine," Stone said.

The family didn't want to appear on camera, but told CBS 6 that the mother-in-law was the one who found the camera before turning it into police.

The family added, Brandon Thompson will not be allowed back at the house.