These girls have the nastiest, outnumbered fight in a Brooklyn McDonald’s

Posted at 11:49 PM, Mar 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-12 23:49:48-04

BROOKLYN, NY – Cellphone video shows a 15-year-old being viciously beaten by at least four other teens, while dozens watched and cheered.The graphic video was shot Monday inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s. The girl in blue swings at one of the teens but is soon outnumbered. The others relentlessly pummel the girl, who continues trying to throw punches.

She is eventually thrown to the ground, and the girls kick and stomp on her head and call her “b****”, as dozens of rowdy teens egg the girls on and do nothing to stop the attack. The brawl happened soon after classes let out at Erasmus Hall High School, which is near the Flatbush Ave. fast food restaurant where the fight was staged.

The victim is left cowering under a table, and is carried by fellow teens and placed on a bench.

“The tenacity of placing something on video to shoot a young lady being beat down by six or seven young women is ludicrous in our community,” said community activist Tony Herbert. 

One of the teens caught on camera savagely assaulting the girl has been arrested. According to the Daily news, the 16 year old alleged street fighter — who has a lengthy rap sheet — has been charged with gang assault and robbery.

The teen, who was treated and released from a hospital for injuries she sustained in the savage Monday afternoon beating, has taken to her Facebook page to refute claims she was ever injured at all. “WHAT TWO BLACK EYES I HAVE THE NEWSPAPER IS A LIER [sic] &MY GRANDMA NEVER TALKED TO THESE PEOPLE,” the girl wrote, referring to a New York Daily News Report.

The video received strong condemnation from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. “The young ladies should be prosecuted and I believe the video evidence may be sufficient for that,” the mayor said.

“That type of behavior is not acceptable in any society and certainly is not going to be acceptable here in New York,” Bratton said of the brutal gang assault. “The behavior was outrageous and we’ll work very closely with the district attorney to ensure that it’s dealt with appropriately in the courts.”