Here are the 14 most fast-food filled states

Posted at 10:21 AM, Mar 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-06 10:21:20-05

America  seems to be making an effort to no longer be the junk food mecca of the world. The shares of Dunkin’ Brands (DNKN), which owns Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, “went down nearly 8 percent this year,” according to CBS MoneyWatch. This year, McDonald’s (MCD) shares have dropped more than 5 percent and Coca-Cola (KO) “saw 14 percent less profit in its recent quarter as global soda sales remain flat.” But even so, there are parts of the country that still hang on to the hamburger and fries-worshiping days of the past.

FindTheBest crunched the numbers to see where one can find the most fast-food restaurants in the country. The company calculated the number of fast-food restaurants (not including pizza) per 10,000 people and ranked each state.

Note: Restaurant data is proved by Dun & Bradstreet.

South Carolina

Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.75

South Carolina has an average restaurant density compared to the whole of the United States. After fast food, the most prevalent restaurant type is pizza, with 882 pizza joints in the state.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.77

Out of a total of 22.09 restaurants per 10K people, Mississippi has 3.77 fast-food restaurants.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.78

The state of Ohio has almost the same number of pizza restaurants as fast-food establishments. Chinese food comes in third place with 1,111 establishments in the state.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.79

Fast-food restaurants dominate in terms of quantity, followed by seafood restaurants (870 in total).


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.79

Fast-food restaurants are the main eating establishments in Nebraska. The least popular? Thai and Japanese, with 19 and 16 restaurants in total, respectively.


Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.79

Fast-food takes first place with 3.79 restaurants per 10K people, closely followed by Mexican restaurants (technically “Tex-Mex”).


Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.82

Though Indiana is one of the states with the most fast-food, it has 30 percent fewer cafes than average for the country.


Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.88

Not only does Iowa have one of the highest numbers of fast-food restaurants in the country, but it also has 89 percent more bars than the country’s average.


Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 3.95

After fast-food and pizza, steak and barbecue restaurants are the most prevalent (1,179) restaurants in Tennessee.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 4.03

Of Wyoming’s 25.25 restaurants per 10K people, 4.03 per 10K people are fast-food.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 4.03

Kansas is tied with Wyoming and Arkansas with 4.03 fast-food restaurants per capita. The next popular types of restaurants are pizza, Mexican and barbecue joints.


Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 4.03

Arkansas is filled to the brim with fast-food restaurants, but only has half as many bars as the United States as a whole and 32 percent fewer cafes.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 4.04

Oklahoma is home to the second largest number of fast-food restaurants per 10K people. There are 753 Mexican restaurants and 664 steak and barbecue restaurants in the state as well.


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Fast-Food Restaurants Per Capita: 4.14

Kentucky has 37 percent fewer cafes and bars than average for the country, but more fast-food restaurants than any other state. There are 1,797 fast-food restaurants, and pizza places trail in second place with 946 establishments.