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Why man got #TheDress tattooed on his leg

Posted at 8:46 PM, Mar 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-01 20:46:16-05

AUSTIN – A 24-year-old Texas man has taken the controversial debate of what color “the dress” is to an entirely new extreme by getting a tattoo of the outfit featured in that viral Tumblr post.

Daniel Howland posted a photo to his Instagram account Friday with the caption “@nickyork9000 did a thing on my leg.”

The tattoo, which was done in black and blue, includes the question, “white and gold?”  Howland  got the infamous Roman Original dress tattooed on the inside of his calf at a tattoo parlor in Austin, according to the Daily Mail after he reportedly saw the dress as white and gold for a brief period while he was drinking. However, when he took a second look, he saw black and blue, which was the inspiration behind the tattoo's color.

After the picture was posted, hundreds jumped on social media to lambast Howland and his  new ink.

While he said while he expected it would cause a stir, he admitted that he “had no idea it would be this big.” He described his unusual tattoo as “awesome but dumb.”

The dress became a viral hit after it was posted to Tumblr by a woman who pointed out that her friends saw the dress as different colors.  The image quickly went viral with some saying the dress is blue and black while others insist it’s white and gold.

Medical experts said that the cones in our eyes cause some people to see blue and black while others will see white and gold. That's because those cones perceive colors depending on our genes.

The dress can be found on Amazon and is listed as “royal blue,” which likely proves the over exposure of the viral image is what’s causing the disagreement.