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Richmond Christian School leader belts out Jimmy Buffett to announce school’s snow closing

Posted at 10:49 AM, Feb 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-27 10:56:51-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Students at Richmond Christian School were treated to a Jimmy Buffett-inspired snow closing announcement Thursday. Head of School Trevor Collazo grabbed his guitar and belted out a re-worked version of Buffett's hit "Come Monday" to announce school would be closed on Friday.

Heading down to Richmond Christian,
For another day of shoveling snow.

I've got my  galoshes on,
I guess I never was meant for ground and maintenance crew.

Collazo, who has played guitar for 15 years, said it took him about 20 minutes to write the lyrics.

"Everyone is so sick of snow days, I just wanted to lighten it up a little. It actually started as a joke with my wife," he said. "We had been joking about possible lyrics throughout the night." Collazo called himself a "Florida boy," so performing a Jimmy Buffett tune seemed natural to him.

When I moved here I didn't know, 
Virginia closes for one inch of snow.

Come Monday, it'll be alright.
Come Monday, there'll be no snow in sight.

I spent four lonely days in a white snow day haze,
And I just want school to start back on-time.

Response was immediate after he posted his video on Facebook.

"Nice job, Mr. Collazo. I'm proud of you for writing that song and putting it out there for us all. Great song, great message. See you in March," Darla Rogness said.

"Outstanding! Love it! Creative and you have a great voice! You go Mr. Collazo!" Diane Messenger added.

Richmond Christian 3rd grader Lydia B. expresses her support.

Richmond Christian 3rd grader Lydia B. expresses her support.

"Our school community is awesome. Feedback is always great. Our Facebook page got a workout last night!" Collazo said.

So what's the plan if another snowstorm were to close school this winter?
"I'm praying for no more snow days," Collazo  admitted. "I might have set the bar a little high this time. There might not be room to grow, we'll see."

Not familiar with Buffett's song? Here's it is: