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Passenger dies in Chesterfield ATV crash

Posted at 5:23 PM, Feb 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-18 06:23:05-05

CHESTERFIELD, Va. --One person is dead in a deadly ATV crash that occurred in Chesterfield Tuesday.  The victim is 42-year-old Robert White of Chester. He was riding in an ATV with a friend when the ATV flipped over and killed him.

The accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. in the 7600 block of Dalebrook Drive, which is about halfway between Chippenham Parkway and Route 288.

"The ATV flipped as it came over the hill.  It lost control and flipped into a puddle,” said Sauron Fisher, who lives nearby.  “I saw the driver but didn't see the passenger."

ATV on side

White's youngest daughter says her dad was a daredevil but says words can't describe the pain she's feeling right now. Rachael says she and her older sister Kaylin are in shock.  Rachael gave CBS 6 permission to use her final Facebook post to her father.
atv ax

She wrote, "I just feel like I should say something, even though I can't quite find the words.  Rest in peace, Daddy. I'll miss you more and more each second that passes.  It still doesn’t feel real.  I have no words to describe the pain in my heart.  I love you so much."

Robert White was an electrician who loved the outdoors.   Racheal White said she loved her dad and he loved his family, adding he will forever be in her heart.

Police did not identify the ATV driver, but said he was treated and released from the hospital.

Police said that neither occupant was wearing a helmet. The last deadly ATV crash in Chesterfield was Nov. 17, 2014. Two men died when their ATV ran a stop sign at the intersection of Willis Road and Quinnford Boulevard. They were hit by an SUV and both men died on scene.