Tell us where the best sledding spots are around Richmond metro

Posted at 1:41 PM, Feb 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-16 16:25:59-05

RICHMOND, Va. — With confidence, forecasters predict enough snow to at least go sledding. The majority of what falls across Central Virginia will be snow (with a period of sleet the farther south and east you go) and it will be cold enough outside to keep this light, fluffy stuff around for awhile. Pair that with anticipated school closures and it doesn’t even take a weatherman to predict prime sledding conditions. What you do need to know are the good sledding spots, so we’ve turned it over to you for discussion.

Obviously, use your best judgment and note that we don’t recommend you sled in unfamiliar or unsafe places.

Here are some tips that experts have for safer sledding.

•Select a hill that is not too steep and has a long flat area at the bottom for your kids to glide to a stop.
•Avoid hillsides that end near ponds, trees, fences, or other hazards.
•Choose hills that are snowy rather than icy. If a child falls off a sled, icy slopes make for hard landings.
•Always try to have your kids sled during the daytime, when visibility is better. If they do go sledding at night, make sure the hillside is well lit and all potential hazards are visible.