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What is that? Teen grossed out by body part found in fast food lunch wants answers, money back

Posted at 1:50 PM, Feb 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-10 13:50:21-05

STOCKTON, California -- A California teen worried that he bit into a chicken brain while eating at KFC was given his $4 back by the fast food restaurant after a photo of his meal made the rounds on social media. Manuel Cobarubies said he made the unappetizing discovery while eating his order of chicken breast, thighs and corn.

"It looked like a brain to me. I mean at that point, red flags were kind of raised," Cobarubies told "I ended up spitting it in the trash can because I get grossed out by that."

Cobarubies made sure to take a picture of his meal. He tweeted the photo, which was then re-tweeted again and again.

"I directly mentioned to them [KFC] and a bunch of people started tagging them [KFC] and I guess it kind of raised awareness to them when a lot of people started tagging them in my tweet," he said.

He said KFC did contact him and apologized, but Cobarubies wanted his money back. After FOX40 began to make calls about Cobarubies' story, the teenager said he got a call from KFC-area consultant Richard Ramos. Ramos said the organ Cobarubies found in his meal was actually a kidney or a gizzard and was safe to eat. He added his team would work with KFC cooks to make sure they prepared the chicken properly in the future.

Cobarubies, who got his $4 back, was not so confident.

"I’m probably just going to have to start packing my own meals, making my own sandwiches."