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Chesterfield couple: ‘Holy Spirit was looking out for us’ after Super Bowl party thieves ditch purse in woods

Posted at 5:05 PM, Feb 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-03 06:42:17-05

CHESTERFIELD, Va. -- As football fans gathered to cheer on their Super Bowl teams, police said area thieves were behind-the-scenes running a game plan of their own.

They were smashing into victim's cars, and grabbing purses and more.

Brandy Pope is one of them. She, her husband and some other church members gathered at a home on Beach Road for a Super Bowl party.

After the game, when they went outside, they noticed their window was cracked, and Brandy's purse was gone.


“My life, my IDs, my Social Security card, gift cards, cash, my house keys, car keys  -- you name it and it was in it,” said Pope.

The couple realized the other women had their purses stolen too and they went back inside and formed a prayer circle.

After an agonizing night, worried that the thieves would show up at their home, the couple decided that it was a longshot but searched for Brady's purse Monday morning.

They had no idea the thieves would ditch the stolen purses in this wooded area less than a half a mile away.

The family said on that super Sunday, they believe they got some divine assistance from above.

“Amazing they didn't take everything that was inside -- gift cards and this and that I really believe the Holy Spirit was looking out for us and those thieves just could not keep the stuff, they had to let it go,” said Pope.

“There is power in prayer,” Pope said. “I said ‘God, even though I did not know how he was going to get the glory, I knew somehow he would.'"